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Blessing the Land
Nengah and Putu
Roland and friends
Foundation work
Roof framing
House from beach
I Nengah Suma Antari grew up in the village of Amed, but left at an early age to work as a chef in Ubud at one of the more well known restaurants. He worked there for seven years, but his great dream was to return to his home village of Amed and open his own restaurant. With this in mind he began to look for property that might be suitable for a small restaurant and perhaps several bungalows. It took almost two years for Nengah to find just the right piece of property he was looking for, and to begin the process of preparing the land for construction. During this time he realized that there were an abundance of new restaurants already being constructed along the Amed coast, and what he really wanted to do was prepare meals for special guests. With this realization came the decision to create a single and unique beach house. In addition he would build a smaller home for the Suma family, allowing him to manage the larger house and showcase his talents as both a chef and a guide. The actual construction took almost two years and involved not only Nengah, but often as many as thirty local villagers. It became, over time, what can only be described as a �labor of love�. In the following pictures we would like to share with you a brief glimpse of the construction process that led to the creation of �Rumah Pantai Bali�.
Land survey
Community gathering for land blessing
Nengah and Putu get married
Pool construction
The Crew
Nengah and Putu's House
Building the pool Pool construction Putting on the roof Planting palm trees Putu with daughter Nia Landscaping
Construction workers Grandpa with Nia First swim Sunrise Architects and crew View from front gate
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